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Aerial view of Copper Valley rural area.

Rural EB-5 project investors receive priority processing ahead of other EB-5 visa applicants.

Investment Amount: $800,000 – RURAL TEA DESIGNATION


COMING SOON! Late-2022, a rural project in Northern California only a 2-hour drive from San Francisco!

  • Excellent Northern California location – 2-hour drive from 12 million people
  • Rural TEA designation – avoid visa backlog
  • EB-5 investment backed by developer guarantee with assets exceeding $120 million
  • Clear exit strategy in 5 years cover image July 19, 2022, article by Anayat Durrani.

Expedite approval, an option for EB-5 investors to consider

The EB-5 investment program has been a reliable way to get U.S. permanent resident status for investors and their immediate family members. While the process may take time, there is a faster option. EB-5 investments considered to be in the national interest and other criteria can get expedited approval by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. Expedited approval is the fastest EB-5 processing an investor can obtain.

“An expedite has the potential to save investors years off the adjudication time of their I-526 petitions. When an investor receives an expedite, they literally are supposed to go to the front of the line,” says Matt Gordon, Chief Executive Officer, E3iG.

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